Greetings in Christ!

It’s February! This month we will eagerly wait for news on whether or not a groundhog will see its shadow, watch a compilation of some of the best and most creative advertisements that 2023 has to offer while taking occasional breaks to watch a football game (or is it the other way around?), celebrate love in all of it’s forms and gather together on the last Sunday of the month to process where Good Shepherd has been in 2022 and, more importantly, to begin envisioning where Good Shepherd may be going in 2023.

While meetings are generally not high on the list of fun things for most of us, the Annual Meeting of our congregation allows us the opportunity to learn from where we have been and to really be intentional about where we might be going. It is far more than a discussion of budgets and reports, it is a chance for the church community to ask questions and, more importantly, to collaborate and hear from one another.

It is my hope that you will enthusiastically join us on February 26. Your voice is important and so are your questions. It is also my hope that the annual meeting will kick-off a year of discernment and discovery for Good Shepherd; an opportunity to discern the gifts that God has given us and where those gifts are most needed in Holland, an opportunity to discern what our core values are as a community of faith and to collaborate on ways to invite people to experience this community.

So please, come and be part of the visioning, share your thoughts with us, enjoy fellowship and delicious food with us and be part of the process of visioning our future.

May God bless you and keep you now and always.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jess